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Spiritual Seeker's Podcast

Aug 25, 2022

On Episode 68 of the Spiritual Seekers Podcast I speak with friend and fellow intuitive, Christine Brown.

Christine and I met in a mastermind group over 3 years ago and shared a bond in that we both actively work and help people with our intuitive abilities. Christine is an Intuitive Guide and the founder of Clarity with Christine. She has been intuitive since young childhood but didn't understand or know how to use her gifts to help others. Nine years ago, she met her mentor and began training to strengthen her skills. After experiencing the impact that using her Intuition had on her own life, she created her business to guide others. Her sessions are part visualization and part exploration. She helps you focus on a relationship or area of your life that is not working as well as you would like and release stagnant energies. Shifting energy can bring clarity, and confidence and open new pathways to help you move forward.

Clarity with Christine



Special offer: Christine is offering a 25% discount on her sessions through September 9th. If interested, contact her at Sessions can be held anytime in 2022.

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