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Spiritual Seeker's Podcast

Apr 14, 2022

On Episode 52 of the Spiritual Seekers Podcast, I spoke with Mariana Louis.

Mariana is a tarot reader, scholar, and writer from New York City and is the creator of Persephone's Sister, a platform for spiritual education and magical guidance, blending depth psychology, sacred feminism, and witchcraft. She works both with one-on-one clients as an intuitive reader, and leads community seminars and circles for soulful deepening and learning. She is also a lover of the poetry of Rilke, the music of Hildegard von Bingen, and the sweetness of her husband and kitty familiars.

I found Mariana in my quest to further my knowledge of the Divine Feminine and was impressed by her YouTube gallery of knowledge! Soon after binging on many of her videos, I booked a Tarot reading with her and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I was grateful that she agreed to come on the show! We had a fun conversation about what she specializes in, including archetypal Tarot, Carl Jung and the Divine Feminine.


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