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Spiritual Seeker's Podcast

Sep 22, 2022

On Episode 71 of the Spiritual Seekers podcast I spoke with a friend of mine, Nicolette. She and I met when I taught her Reiki about 7 years ago. Soon after that she began renting the space next door to me on the third floor at my former location. I’ve always admired her, her confidence and natural beauty- both inside and out- shines so brightly. I’m glad she agreed to be a guest because she has important wisdom to share with women.

Nicolette is the Founder of Eating Intelligence® which holistically supports women on their journey towards a healthy relationship with food and body by addressing diet mentality, overeating, binge eating and a negative body image. Nicolette’s background is in Psychology, Integrative Health and Healing, Lovingkindness Meditation and plant-based nutrition. Through a practical, spiritual and energetic approach, Eating Intelligence® provides education and empowerment to support women in awakening to greater self-care and harmony through conscious nutrition.

Check out her website here:

You can find her on Instagram here: @nicolettesmirror

I also mentioned my friend Maura's program "Uncover Your Healing".

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