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Spiritual Seeker's Podcast

Aug 3, 2023

On Episode 93 of the Spiritual Seekers of the Podcast, I speak with Jessica, creator of the crystal toting Intention Teddies.

Jessica, founder of Mary + Nancy and creator of the Intention Teddy started her own journey with crystals over a decade ago. Hoping to share her love of crystals with her niece, she was disappointed to discover that there wasn’t an option clearly geared towards kids. When Jessica was pregnant with her son, she imagined a Teddy Bear sitting beside his crib that held a crystal inside. She immediately got to work on the Intention Teddy both for her newborn son and for the parents looking for a fun and approachable way for their kids to connect with crystals.

Jessica reached out to me soon after I created my teen and tween spirit camp and generously donated a bunch of her teddies to to the camp attendees. When we connected, I clicked with her energy so asked her to come on the show so I could get to know her better and help promote her awesome product!

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