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Spiritual Seeker's Podcast

Apr 18, 2024

Episode 109: Conversation with Life Coach and Energy Healer, Victoria O’Conner Blazeski

Coach Tori’s story starts like many others, before she found her way as a spiritual healer, she followed a traditional path towards success, and by many people's standards, had achieved it. Through 2021, she worked at a top tier, global accounting firm doing international corporate tax for financial services companies, was happily married and had kids she adored. However, despite all of this perceived success, she wasn't happy. In 2019 she experienced severe burnout that lead to a transformational break-down, and break-through journey that led her to Life Coaching and the Dharma Coaching Institute where she completed the life purpose and spiritual life coaching training. She also became a Reiki Master in 2022, and began specializing in distance energy healings which allowed her to bring together the skills she’d learned and the psychic talents she’d fostered since she was a child.

Tori reached out to me a few years ago to participate in one of my “Rebalance Retreats” and in getting to know her, I have enjoyed hearing her stories and perspectives on her experiences. She recently helped me with a powerful session which spurred me to ask her to be on my show! I hope you enjoy listening in and hearing her story.

(In this episode I refer to a powerful healing session that I had with Tori, check out episode 106 for more details on that)

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