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Spiritual Seeker's Podcast

Mar 21, 2024

On Episode 107, I speak with Pelvic Floor Specialist and Energy Healer, Dr. Arántzazu Cioce. Zazu started her healer journey as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, specializing in Pelvic Health and supporting mothers during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Working within the traditional hospital and outpatient clinics she saw that there continued to be a gap in support and care for women having babies, and knew that a more WHOLE-istic way of caring for people was how she was meant to serve others. So she started her own Physical Therapy practice, Phoenix Physical Therapy and also started supporting mamas as a Birth Doula and Birth Educator to empower birthing people to stand up for their rights in birth and in their experience. 

She always sensed there was something deeper to be explored when it came to healing our physical bodies by tapping into our emotional and intuitive experiences, and it was then through her personal journey with grief and death, that she was opened to the world of energy healing and collaborating with Spirit along the healing path. Now after a decade of experience working with the physical body, she has unlocked her own combination of physical, energy and intuitive healing work, individualizing care as unique as each individual she works with to create deep transformation.

She is currently creating sacred virtual spaces for those mothers who seek both EMPOWERMENT within our current medical system and INTUITIVE RECONNECTION with their bodies and babies during conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Zazu began giving me PT for my shoulder back in August and has since become a soul sister and fellow lightworker friend! We always have a good time, and I hope you enjoy learning about her!

You can find her on IG at @dr_zazu_cioce_dpt and @integratedmamamethod


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